Rush - Headlong Flight Lyrics

Headlong Flight Lyrics by Rush

Through the days of lonesome absolution.
We survive while spinning in our universe
After all were in for the long haul, after all were in for the long fight

Hitting all the bulleyes, yet staying out of harmsway,
Whats the point of using your tech, when you walk around at midnight

A headlong flight, with our eyes closed, we won’t give up till were all
alone, no body but us and our wants. Alone in the end, human’s always win.

Through our glassy gaze the world is blue, not the temprature of me without
After all were just trying grab all we can, not so bad that we can’tgo back

Trying to hit all the targets a casuality of human desires the wicked means
of golden light.

Another headlong flight into that night,sky, our eyes are closed
Now that were all alone, the clouds are thick our gps isn’t always right
How do we see going in this headlong flight

Out of the dark with our eyes open wide,its just chance that were still our

Out to pass the next hurdle we’ve created a moonless night we fly with our
eyes closed