Joell Ortiz - Cashin Out Freestyle Lyrics

Cashin Out Freestyle Lyrics by Joell Ortiz

I'm a true New York nigga
So relax, I'd advise you to never make my mood more bitter
Run up your birds with the pounding
I ain't talking bout my motherfucking moves on twitter
I relay to any corner, anybody who ever sold dope or marijuana
Shot crack got clap get shot back
A few shots back ... corner
What you know about the pj's
Hitting the corner store in your pj's
Eating ppj sandwiches from the center,
Cause chatter is so hard to come by these days
Hoping that your tv plays cause your antenna is the same thing
Hanging your coat though, hopping out your bed night time's loco
What's louder, the screams or the siren from the popo
Everybody seen what happened, but don't nobody know though
Street code yo, mind your bizness, ain't no eye witness
Come on now, snitching is a no no
Play the game take the foul like a man
Talking to the rest get you found in a can
You don't wanna discover the ... man
With the tongue that used to be in his mouth in his hand
Oh yeah, gets graphic,
Picture this, little bit of money, lots of ratchets
Nah, it ain't about degree
But when it's mouths to feed I swear to god your right hand can be a bastard
He'll be lifting up your mattress, pointing your gun at you
Threatening to make you ashes,
At that point show him where that cash it
I hope he let you catch him on the rebound like a ... miss
I wear my hat backwards, diddy...without mad practice
Switch tax brackets, but I'm a G, I still bizz at my last address
With the same nigga, ... warrup, y'all know I ain't change nigga
I got change nigga, but all that need is my team to make they change bigger
Cause the work cheaper, so all my homies get derranged quicker
And these birds eager, I tell you man all these ... broads...
And I walk where I talk, so you hear the same if you ask about
... give me mine, oh yeah, I'm cashin out.